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  • GreenX Glass Cleaner 750ml 14.15 

    GreenX Glass Cleaner GCX – the streak-free shine for your car’s windows and mirrors. Our alcohol and solvent-free formula, with a near-neutral pH of approximately 8, is tough on grime and gentle on glass. Enjoy crystal-clear views with GreenX!

    • Free of solvents and alcohol
    • Almost pH neutral, with an pH of approx. 8
    • Streak free formulation
    • Built upon plant based, renewable stock surfactants

  • GreenX Interior Cleaner 750ml 14.15 

    GreenX Interior Cleaner ICX – the powerful yet material-friendly solution for a pristine car interior. Our formula is tough on dirt but gentle on materials. It’s free of allergens and compatible with ODEX odor remover. Keep your car’s interior clean and fresh with GreenX Interior Cleaner ICX!

    • Very powerful but material friendly cleaner
    • Free of any known allergenics
    • Compatible with the ODEX odor remover component
    • Spray-extraction cleaner safe formulation

  • GreenX All Purpose Quick Sealant 100ml 16.98 

    GreenX All Purpose Quick Sealant AQX – the water-based, solvent-free solution for instant protection and shine. Easily apply AQX to cover minor scratches, and enjoy exceptional gloss, slickness, and hydrophobicity that lasts up to 5 car washes. Seal the deal with GreenX All Purpose Quick Sealant AQX!

    • Solvent free, water based sealant
    • Very easy to apply, cures instantly
    • Covers minor scratches and defects for up to 5 car washes
    • Delivers outstanding gloss, slickness and hydrophobicity

  • GreenX Quick Detailer 750ml 16.98 

    GreenX Quick Detailer “DTX” – the solvent-free, eco-friendly solution for instant shine and a sleek finish. Made from environmentally friendly raw materials, DTX effortlessly removes light dirt and fingerprints, revealing a high gloss and silky-smooth surface.

    • Solvent free
    • Crafted from environmentally friendly raw materials
    • Versatile and efficient – effortlessly removes light dirt and fingerprints
    • Enhances high gloss and leaves a smooth surface

  • GreenX Prewash & Insect 750ml 14.15 

    GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover PIX – your eco-friendly solution for a sparkling clean car. Our advanced formula harnesses the power of green, plant-based surfactants for a non-mechanical, touchless cleaning experience. Say goodbye to tough stains and insects without the need for harsh chemicals. Get the green advantage with GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover PIX.

    • Very good cleaning properties, non-mechanical, touchless cleaning is possible and delivers outstanding results
    • Cleaning power is not based on alkalinity
    • Solvent free formulation
    • Plant based, green surfactants used

  • GreenX Shampoo & Foam 750ml 14.15 

    GreenX Shampoo & Foam SFX – the eco-friendly way to give your vehicle a luxurious bath. Experience thick suds and exceptional cleaning power without volatile solvents. Our formula is not only tough on dirt but also environmentally friendly, with anaerobic biodegradability. GreenX Shampoo & Foam SFX: where performance meets sustainability!

    • Thick suds and excellent cleaning power, very good degreasing properties
    • No volatile solvents used
    • Formulation has the primary benefit to be readily and anaerobically biodegradable (following the OECD 301 B and OECD 311 respectively)
    • Superior performance at low temperature cleaning

  • GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner 750ml 14.15 

    GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner WTX – the eco-friendly way to keep your rims and tires gleaming without harsh chemicals. Our plant-based, green surfactants deliver powerful cleaning without relying on alkalinity or solvents. Discover the green advantage with GreenX!

    • Very good cleaning properties without the use of harsh chemicals
    • Cleaning power is not solely based on alkalinity
    • Solvent free formulation
    • Plant based, green surfactants used

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