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  • SOFT99 New Fusso Coat 12 kuud vaha (tume) 35.30

    Vaha, mis loob hüdrofoobse ja kaitsva katte, mis on vastupidav kuni 12 kuud.

  • Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator plastiku ja kummi taastaja 100ml 12.00

    Auto välimised plastist osad puutuvad kokku paljude kahjulike keskkonnamõjudega. UV-kiirgus ja kuumus võivad kahjustada plastist sisekujundust, muutes selle halliks ja hapraks.

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  • SOFT99 Cloth Barrier – tekstiili kaitse 16.13

    Take advantage of the legendary Fusso technology also in your car interior! Cloth Barrier is a fluoropolymer-based coating for fabric surfaces.

  • SOFT99 The King of Gloss läikevaha valge 28.22

    Vaha tagab suurepärase vastupidavuse, läike ja kaitse.

  • SOFT99 New Fusso Coat 12 kuud vaha (hele) 35.29

    Vaha, mis loob hüdrofoobse ja kaitsva katte, mis on vastupidav kuni 12 kuud.

  • Nanolex SiSplash 750ml 20.06

    Nanolex SiSplash on äärmiselt hõlpsasti kasutatav, kuid ülitõhus ja kauakestev hermeetik, mis on ette nähtud kõigi väliste autopindade, sealhulgas kiletatud autode ja PPF-i sidumiseks.

  • Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant nanokaitse klaasile, 100ml 26.11

    Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant on arenenud lahustipõhine kate, mis moodustab auto klaasipindadele kaitse vee, õli ja mustuse eest.

  • SOFT99 Glaco DX aknakate 22.79

    Vaha loob paksu, raske läikega sünteetilisest vaigust katte, mis sarnaneb läbipaistvale küünelakile.

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  • Nanolex Professional Dressing konsentraat 10L 306.46

    Nanolex Professional Dressing Concentrate can be used on: Tires, exterior plastics, engine bay trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:1 – 1:5) as well as Interior plastic trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:10).

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  • Nanolex Professional Dressing konsentraat 5L 179.40

    Nanolex Professional Dressing Concentrate can be used on: Tires, exterior plastics, engine bay trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:1 – 1:5) as well as Interior plastic trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:10).

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  • Nanolex Professional Dressing konsentraat 750ml 32.17

    Nanolex Professional Dressing Concentrate can be used on: Tires, exterior plastics, engine bay trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:1 – 1:5) as well as Interior plastic trim pieces (Dilution rate: 1:10).

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  • Nanolex Professional Engine Bay Dressing 5L 65.45

    Nanolex Professional Engine Bay Dressing protection and preservation for engines, plastic housing and rubber in and around the engine bay

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  • Nanolex Professional Final Finish 5L 80.57

    Nanolex Professional Final Finish safely and quickly removes dust, bird droppings and surface contaminations

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  • SOFT99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero, peegli kaitsetöötlus 16.79

    The water-repellent capability of Glaco Mirror Coat Zero prevents water from remaining on the surface even for a moment by lining the mirror with super-fine, microscopic studs.

  • SOFT99 Water Block Wax D&M vetthülgav vaha 22.24

    Survepihustid, mis sobivad puhastusvahendite, desodoreerijate, fosfaattoodete jms pihustamiseks.

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  • SOFT99 Qjutsu Body Coat 97.55

    Body Coat is a single-component coating that is a response to the needs of customers who expect best protection and maximum durability. Its application is simple and very quick. It is a perfect product for all detailing enthusiasts who want to dive into the world of protective coatings. It is also an ideal solution for professionals who want to provide customers with the highest quality product, while saving time and effort through easy application. Body Coat, thanks to its advanced formula, creates a physical layer on top of the paint that protects against external factors such as road salt, UV rays, bird droppings and sap. At the same time, it gives the paint outstanding glassiness, depth and gloss. The top hydrophobic layer produced by Body Coat forms a unique loop structure that ensures optimal water discharge. It reduces dirt adhesion while maintaining great beading effect. Thanks to this, the car stays clean for a longer time. Durability of Body Coat is 12 months.

    1. Make sure you are applying the product in temperature range of 20-25°C
    2. Shake the bottle well
    3. Open the bottle and place the application plug in the bottleneck
    4. Wrap the applicator with an attached cloth and let a moderate amount of fluid to drip out onto the applicator
    5. Spread the coating evenly with an impregnated applicator in a crisscross motion
    6. Wait at least 5 minutes for the coating to bind to the paint
    7. Polish the residue with an attached soft microfiber cloth until you achieve perfect gloss
    8. Leave the car for at least 12 hours in a cool and dry place for the coating to cure

  • SOFT99 Smooth Egg Platinum Liquid 25.20

    Excellency achieved in a category of water-based liquid sealants, with blend of 4 different polymers. Up to 3 months durability of a strong hydrophobic layer ensuring wet look and glossy finish on the paintwork. It reinvigorates professional quartz, ceramic or glass coating, enhancing its properties. Suitable for all paint colours.

    1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo, drying and decontaminating the car paint using a claybar, a cleaner or other products
    2. Spray the product on the car paint and spread across using microfiber cloth
    3. Make sure not to apply too much of the product to avoid stains. If this happens, wipe once again with a dry microfiber cloth

  • SOFT99 Smooth Egg Liquid 25.20

    Smooth Egg Liquid protects the car paint and provides a glossy finish. Newly developed „Repair Coat” formula helps to regenerate damaged coating, simultaneously adding a water-repellent effect. Just spray it on the wet body of the vehicle after washing, wipe it off the surface and you’re done! You will achieve a water repellent coating that is as smooth as a peeled boiled egg. It can also be used on vehicles without professional coatings. Applicable on wheels, windows, headlights, tail lamps, plastic parts, vehicle interior, etc. Compatible with any vehicle color.

    1. Remove any unwanted residue from the cars body.
    2. Spray on wet car body. Can also be used on dry car body.
    3. Double fold the attached cloth and wipe the car body. In case of overpouring, wring the cloth with your hands.

  • SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka 15.12

    Rain Drop is an instant way for a shiny and comprehensively sealed car. The RAS technology rich formula allows you to apply the product to any surface – paint, glass, trim, chrome, lights and even rims, boost their appearance, giving them hydrophobic properties and protection against dirt. The revolutionary method of application uses a special nozzle to spray the product under high pressure and over a long section, which allows you to cover even large surfaces in the blink of an eye, and reduce the working time to an absolute minimum. To make it even easier, Rain Drop has been designed for wet use. Its formula binds with water, facilitates spreading on the surface and additionally supports drying without streaks and reflections. Rain Drop gives the paint a visible gloss instantly, darkens the surface and covers up minor imperfections to enhance shine. Combination of advanced polymers produces a durable hydrophobic coating on the surface that lasts for 3 months. The coat is resistant to effects of everyday use, and its durability has been verified during a cycle of up to 5 washes in an automatic tunnel car wash! Rain Drop used as an independent windshield protection performs features of invisible wiper for up to 2 months, but is also fully compatible with Glaco products, perfectly supporting their properties. Bazooka can be used both as a stand-alone product, but is perfectly suited as a quick detailer for synthetic and hybrid waxes, as well as a booster for quartz and ceramic coatings

    1. Wash your car with a neutral pH shampoo to remove all dirt
    2. Rinse the car thoroughly
    3. By pressing the atomizer trigger * apply optimal amount of product onto wet surface of the car car, and then immediately spread the foam with soft and absorbent microfiber. Remember to change microfiber sides frequently
    4. Buff each element with a dry microfiber to make sure that all product remains have been removed
    5. If you want the atomizer to spray the product constantly, set the side trigger to horizontal position.

  • SOFT99 New Scratch Clear Wax Dark 22.18

    Damaged paint full of visible scratches? Provide rejuvenating treatment with New Scratch wax! It contains a very effective but completely safe mixture of abrasive particles, cleaners and fillers. In one step, it gives the shine, masks imperfections and protects. Just check how much you can achieve with only one product!

    1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo, drying and decontaminating the car paint using a clay bar, a cleaner or other products.
    2. Apply the product onto the included microfiber cloth by rubbing it lightly into the wax after opening the can.
    3. Polish the wax firmly into the surface, as there is no drying time needed.

  • SOFT99 Luxury Gloss 13.10

    Soft99 developed a new type of liquid wax targeting the three main factors – Gloss, Depth and Slipperiness, which are hard to find in the conventional products range . Referring to overseas customer demands, the chemical odor was replaced with a very pleasant mango scent . Luxury Gloss can be used as maintenance liquid for waxes, and is very easy to apply. Spray and wipe to restore your car’s incredible gloss!

    1. Wash the car to remove dust, dirt, water and other residues.
    2. Shake the bottle well, turn on the nozzle
    3. Spray the liquid 50 cm square each on dry paintwork, then wipe off immediately.
    4. Recommended to use with a microfiber cloth to prevent unevenness

  • SOFT99 Glaco Blave 16.26

    First ever Glaco that ensures strong hydrophobic effect for glass and plastics. Glaco Blave creates a strong coating not only on glass, but also on transparent plastics, like front and rear lights covers, motorcycle helmet covers, and others . Secure your visibility when travelling during heavy rainfalls! The product does not need to dry, resulting in a very quick application . All you need to do is apply the Glaco Blave and wipe it off – the product is effective immediately!

    1. Rinse off dirt or dust before use
    2. Take off the cap and apply directly.
    3. Apply gently and cover full area. Any missed spots or unevenness will reduce the general performance of the product
    4. Immediately wipe off with an included towel before the liquid gets dry itself.

  • SOFT99 Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier Hand Spray 18.14

    Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier Hand Spray is a product with a wipe-free guarantee! Washing the car before application is not always necessary, because our product does not only protect your car from damage by repelling water and oil, but also removes dirt marks, if they are not that stubborn. The effect of the fluorine resin makes it so that ritual car washing can be almost entirely forgotten. Both men and women can use this product in order to achieve an equally flawless masterpiece, without sticky and smelly after-effects that most other conventional coatings produce. Petroleum-free formulation.

    1. Make sure that your car’s color is compatible with this product
    2. Wash off dirt in advance to protect the surface from scratches.
    3. Shake the bottle well.
    4. Spray it on the car and spread it as evenly as possible with the included towel.
    5. Refold it and use another clean side when it becomes hard to wipe.

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